SIRE | Laat Jongens Jongens Zijn

We teamed up with A Bigger Circle to contribute to the SIRE campaign ‘Let boys be boys.’ With this campaign SIRE aims to challenges educators to think about how to raise their boys. Boys and girls are equal, but not the same. Boys who do not have enough space to experiment and learn on their own terms, tend to underperform, feel insecure and have motivational problems.

▸ Check out the second video here.

▸ Agency: A Bigger Circle
▸ Director: Jelle Pothoven
▸ DOP: Michael Zomer

▸ Esprix Award 2018 – Bronze
▸ SAN Accent 2018 – Non-Profit & Overheid
▸ SAN Accent 2018 – Branding 360°
▸ Effie Award 2018 – Bronze




februari 8, 2020 1:44 pm


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